A carbon removal company

Our technology revolves around scalable, carbon removal products that increase power efficiency whilst improving air quality. We constantly research and develop further solutions for growing markets.

In 2014, Skytree spun off from the European Space Agency (ESA). Our patented CO2 removal process was first developed for the air scrubber onboard the International Space Station. This would go on to become the basis of the filtration system that we are now implementing into electric cars called Ersa.


Ersa is a b2b product, designed to be integrated into electric vehicles where it creates a pocket of fresh, clean air while improving energy efficiency. Our patented process employs a unique Carbon Dioxide filter that scrubs CO2 and water in a car cabin.

Preventing CO2 and water build-up allows vehicles to maximize the recirculation of cabin air while drastically cutting the energy needed by the air-conditioner.

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Our vision for the future

We're driven by a future where essential materials like fuel and cement are produced from carbon extracted from the air. Listening to commercial markets we engineer scalable carbon removal products to make this future happen.

What is Direct Air Capture (DAC)?

The process of Direct Air Capture removes CO2from the air instead of directly from sources like cement factories, power plants and the like. The carbon is removed when air comes in contact with our sorbent material (for example the Sorbent material in our Ersa product). The addition of heat to these chemicals creates a stream of CO2 that can be used for other functions.


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Test your Materials

Has your institution or company identified a high-potential material for application to CO2-removal? We'd be excited to characterize and compare its performance under real-world conditions as a service we provide.