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Our team here at Skytree are the heart and soul of the company. We are proud of our journey and the people that work with us everyday. We also look forward to building a greater family of smart, driven people who propel the cause of Skytree.

Interesting facts about the Skytree team

8 Nationalities

Our Skytree family of 10 comes from from Poland, Ireland, England, Netherlands, Germany, Bonaire, USA and New Zealand.


We plant 400 trees this year to offset our company emissions. Thus begins the SkyForest.


Our extended Skytree family has 20 plants and 5 fish in our offices.

Meet our Team

Our working culture is based on a dynamic and smart approach to business, an open and understanding attitude to others and the desire to expand the boundaries of what is possible!

Today Skytree is self-sustainable and generates (licensing) revenue through co-development projects on useful & scalable products for leading companies within industry. Skytree is also advised by the InvestInFuture fund and a stellar group of business angels.

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  • Alina Chanaewa

    Chief Technology Officer

  • Ann Sophie Farle

    Senior Material Scientist

  • Christopher Pourier

    Mechatronics Engineer

  • Floris de Bruijn

    CFO | COO

  • Kevin van Schoorl

    Junior R&D Engineer

  • Max Beaumont

    Founder / Chief Executive Officer

  • Michael Jones

    Senior Design Engineer

  • Patrick Hodgins

    Mechanical Engineer

  • Paul O’Connell

    Head of Marketing and Communication

  • Piotr Kasper

    R&D and Innovation Scientist

  • René Becker

    System Control Engineer

  • Tina Banor

    Administrative Assistant

Alina Chanaewa

Chief Technology Officer

My main focus as the CTO of Skytree is to make sure we are always at the cutting edge of technology by allowing space for creativity, curiosity, and daringness. I’m a scientist at heart and believe that science and technology can help humanity tackle the environmental and energy supply issues. Prior to joining Skytree, I worked on scientific projects across the globe looking for novel concepts for solar cells, in particular using nanomaterials. I’m fluent in five languages as I think that open minded communication across cultures and diverse people is key to any successful undertaking.

Ann Sophie Farle

Senior Material Scientist

Christopher Pourier

Mechatronics Engineer

With a Mechanical engineering background from TU Delft, Chris has always had an interest in clean technology and renewable energy. This lead him to join Skytree to help accelerate technologies that contribute to a greener and cleaner Earth. During his time at the company he expanded his knowledge in the electrical domain to aid technology development. When he’s not designing systems or troubleshooting control system issues, he enjoys travelling, cooking and tennis.

Floris de Bruijn


Entrepreneur specialist in startups: 15+ yrs management experience, finance, HR & legal, fundraising and strategic advice.

Kevin van Schoorl

Junior R&D Engineer

My name is Kevin and I am 24 years old, I have recently graduated cum laude with a degree in Chemical Engineering. I started at Skytree as an intern doing research on synthesis of methane from captured CO2 for energy storage. After my internship I stayed at Skytree were I am currently working as a Junior Research and Development Engineer with a specific focus on the material science side of our technology. Besides working at Skytree I am currently also pursuing my masters degree “Science and Business Management” at the University of Utrecht.

Max Beaumont

Founder / Chief Executive Officer

Born in Bahrain and raised in Austria, Max is the embodiment of a global citizen. After returning to his homeland, the UK, to live for the first time, he went on to earn a Physics masters from Warwick University. A budding astronaut until then, he turned his attention to entrepreneurship after reading an autobiography by Richard Branson. Between missing lectures and drinking far more than was good for him, he became a founding member of the Warwick Entrepreneur’s Society. After graduating, and a meek attempt to start a fitness food brand, he scraped together the funds to travel the world with a friend, visiting 14 countries in five months and sometimes surviving on less than 5 dollars a day. On his return, the European Space Agency offered him a job as a System Engineer in the Netherlands. His old passion for space exploration re-kindled, he took the job and founded Skytree two years later. Physicist at heart, Max loves to scuba-dive, box, write, play tennis, think up new business ideas and pet dogs. His innate desire to help people and improve society’s state remains the core driver of everything he does. Thankfully he’s supported by people for more capable than him, allowing him to be his best self.

Michael Jones

Senior Design Engineer

As Senior Design Engineer at Skytree, I work to ensure our products and prototypes are designed to showcase the best of our technology. I have a formal background as a Mechanical Engineer but prior to that I was an automotive technician. As my career developed I knew that my real passion was for product design so I focused all of my attention to this area of engineering. I have had the pleasure of working as a designer in the UK, Spain and now The Netherlands for a host of large companies and startups. In my own time I enjoy cycling, hiking, travelling and of course working on my own product designs!

Patrick Hodgins

Mechanical Engineer

My names Patrick, I am currently the Mechanical Engineer at Skytree holding a BEng (Hons) and MSc. I originate from Belfast, Ireland and have been enjoying life in Amsterdam for the last three years. My current professional focus is mitigating climate change through the design and development of carbon capture solutions.

Within my own time, I turn my hand to such activities as Kite Surfing, Mountain Biking and Scuba Diving.

Paul O’Connell

Head of Marketing and Communication

The newly created SMART Team stands for: Social, Marketing and Recruitment Team. Incorporating Design as the method of problem solving we drive visibility, conversation and growth in Skytree as we move to the next level as a company.

I oversee these areas for Skytree currently:
– Social & Marketing
– Recruitment and HR
– Brand and Design
– New Office Development Project

Piotr Kasper

R&D and Innovation Scientist

My name is Piotr Kasper and I am a senior scientist in Skytree. I have five years of experience in the field of CO2 capture. In Skytree I am mostly busy with technological innovation and with research and development. I love developing novel concepts and quickly testing them in newly build prototypes. I graduated as a chemist and worked for nine years in academia in the field of life sciences (University of Amsterdam and Leiden University). I am a homeschooling father of five striving to learn to play trumpet in a free time. I believe in self-organizing teams and flat organizational structure and am fascinated by decision processes in such organizations.

René Becker

System Control Engineer

I’m René and I like to understand how stuff works, and then build it myself. You can wake me up in the middle of the night to hear me out on electronics, chemistry, linguistics – on an academic level or just to mess about. I’ve always liked to combine fundamental understanding with practical applications, whether I’m fermenting pickles at home or designing high end instrumentation.

Tina Banor

Administrative Assistant

My name is Tina Banor, people find me calm and self-motivated team player with excellent support skills. For the past several years I have worked in financial sector as Legal support. Outside of work, I enjoy reading and cooking. Cooking is a wonderful thing to do. When it is done with love, you can fill people’s bellies with nutrition and their soul with joy.

Meet our Advisors


    Former Head of Sales @ EV Box. Serial clean tech entrepreneur.


    Rho AI, Columbia University, Former NASCAR Crew Chief.


    Business Developer + CEO & Founder @