Plug and Play Mobility in Japan features Skytree

Earlier this year we went to Japan for the prestigious Plug and Play Mobility Kick-Off Event (you can see our CEO, Max, holding the sign), which was featured on the Japanese financial and IT platform: ‘Goodway‘.  Read the start of the article below.

On Wednesday, June 20, 2018, Plug and Play Japan held the ” Mobility Kickoff Event ” at ” Plug and Play Shibuya by Tokyu Real Estate ” in Shibuya , Tokyo .

Plug and Play Japan operates three programs, “FinTech, IoT, InsurTech” together with 10 official corporate partners, from “Batch 0” conducted from November to February 2017, and 21 companies both domestically and internationally It said that it supported. This time, the program implementation in the Mobility field, one of the themes of the accelerated program “Batch 1” for 3 months. Many participants visited the venue.
For further detail, and many pictures from the event click here:

(please note the site is in Japanese, but if you use Google Chrome it will automatically translate it for you).