A decade of learning and progress

Key points in our journey

Through a decade of methodical research we’ve developed carbon solution concepts and products, exploring Decentralized Direct Air Capture (DDAC)
  • Our ESA heritage

    Developed for humans in space

    During the development of the 'Advanced Closed Loop System (ACLS) including a CO2 scrubber, ESA scientists evaluated over 50 sorbents.
    After working on the ACLS as a ESA system engineer, Skytree’s CTO & Founder Max Beaumont spun out Skytree through the ESA incubator program 'ESA-BIC', leveraging the research done at ESA.
  • Traction increased over time

    Continuous progression in research

    Attracted business angels and seed funding, which enabled expansion of team and lab facilities.


    Business partners starting to show interest, first prototypes developed for industrial partners.
  • Platform technology strategy


    Skytree creates solutions for onsite CO2 capture from the air. Cost effective, easy to deploy and helping to solve the carbon problem.


    We continuously enhance the performance and energy consumption of our DDAC technology and methodology. These improvements bring new use cases in economical reach, further fuelled by changing conditions such as energy prices, CO2 prices, new regulations and geopolitical events.


    Skytree works with well-established industry partners in climate control, automotive and filtration to jointly develop products and integrated solutions that are of economical value to customers across the globe.
  • Press attention 2018-2020

    The Economist

    Skytree mentioned by The Economist as DAC pioneer

    Plug and Play

    Skytree selected for Plug n Play program Japan and Silicon Valley

    Hello Tomorrow

    Skytee wins Hello Tomorrow challenge environmental track
  • More recognition

    Solar Impulse certification

    Skytree receives Solar Impulse certification for companies pursuing positive environmental impact while also turning a profit
    The Solar Impulse Efficient Solution Label 2

    Boston Climate Tech Summit

    Skytree wins final pitch for scalable DAC solutions at Boston Climate Tech Summit