From Boston with love

Skytree is participating in a virtual cleantech scaleup mission in Boston! The entire programme lasts around 6 weeks and will conclude with a final pitch event! The first day, this past Friday, we all took a deep dive into clean tech. We will be blogging about our experience with this event as the weeks go on, this first post is a great way to showcase the incredible firms involved!

We think this is an awesome opportunity to get dutch innovative technology overseas, and are ever so grateful to the Netherlands Innovation Network and Techleap for organising the event. We are participating alongside some amazing Dutch companies, all of us trying to use cleantech to combat climate change!

 Caeli BV is a company who we are particularly fond of, we are both obsessed with air quality! Caeli uses satellite data & algorithms to provide a comprehensive air quality mapping service, helping their users make healthy choices about where to live, work, or even exercise considering air quality.

We love the vision of Hardt Hyperloop, a clean alternative to short-haul flights. Their idea is to create a 10,000 kilometre hyperloop network crossing national borders in Europe, and the best part is: there will be no CO2 emissions! Their cruising speed will be similar to that of an airplane, allowing them to directly compete with budget airlines in terms of price and time.

It’s no secret that we live in a data driven world, but few realise the power of data in fighting climate change. Overstory is using AI and Satellite to monitor natural resources on earth in real time. Overstory helps energy companies to mitigate wildfires and power outages. Improving the safety and reliability of the transmission and distribution system and reducing grid operation cost.

We spend 90% of our time in buildings, which consume 40% of our global energy demand, Physee Technology is creating future-proof glass facade for next generation sustainable buildings. Their glass can autonomously power, sense and regulate a building’s climate. It intelligently creates a comfortable and sustainable environment, all while keeping the building energy neutral.

Some other companies taking part include; EXXFIRE,hello energy, IBIS Power, REDstack BV, Semiotic Labs, and TWTG. The conversation around how technology can help our planet is a very important one. All of us in this event are dedicated to sharing our knowledge in order to collectively empower the cleantech movement, which was made clear in our first meeting!

We were all immersed in the world of cleantech and then various talks were given around the topic of mentoring and its importance in the startup world. We are looking forward to participating further in this awesome event and of course to the final pitch-off on the 19th of November!