Awarded by Solar Impulse

Today, we can officially announce that Skytree has been endorsed and validated by the Solar Impulse Foundation. In effect, this means that they have scrutinised our technology and our mission using an independent panel of experts and are happy to award us their label standard for sustainability and profitability.

A few months ago we submitted Skytree and our Ersa product to Solar Impulse. This is a foundation set-up to validate and award 1000 global, clean and profitable climate change solutions. In the last week, we were contacted by Solar Impulse who let us know that we are one of the selected products awarded and certified by Solar Impulse.

Obviously we’re delighted and excited to be part of this select group of game-changers attempting to positively affect the current climate emergency using innovative and practical products.

We’re excited by the enormous, positive change our select group of clean tech companies will bring to both society and the environment. We’re thrilled to be part of it!– Max Beaumount CEO Skytree

Taken from the Solar Impulse website:

‘To address environmental challenges while enabling economic growth, Bertrand Piccard launched, through the Solar Impulse Foundation, the challenge to select 1000 solutions, that can protect the environment in a profitable way and present them to decision-makers to fast-track their implementation. A way to take the success of the solar-powered flight around the world further.’

A label focused on both environment and profitability

An award for clean and profitable solutions
Assessed by independent experts, the Solar Impulse Efficient Solution label, serves as a credible marker of quality to decision-makers in business and governments.This will pull new technologies and products to the market and fast track their implementation.

Thanks to everyone involved and please feel free to check out our profile on the Solar Impulse website here: