Supporting Amsterdam’s mission towards climate neutrality by 2050

Skytree along with several carbon tracking startups were recently featured in Silicon Canals showcasing how we are taking unprecedented leaps to commercialize from Amsterdam to the world with a core purpose to meet environmental obligations. 

In 2019, Amsterdam initiated a campaign to work across multiple stakeholders carving out a Roadmap to Carbon Neutrality by 2050

So what is the cities approach in a nutshell? 

  • By 2030, Amsterdam’s streets will be free of exhaust-emitting cars. 
  • By around 2040, every home will have switched from natural gas to sustainable heating. 
  • By 2050, Amsterdam is looking to end dependence on coal, gas and oil.  

To put it simply: Ambitious city empowering ambitious climate tech startups.

“Today, it’s exciting to see a thriving climate tech startup community in Amsterdam making unprecedented leaps locally. We are fortunate to be at the heart of it all at Amsterdam Science Park to get access to the best innovative and collaborative ecosystem from academics to startups. Here at Skytree, we provide a clean and reliable alternative for current CO2 supply chains, enabling the switch from utilising fossil-fuel-based CO2.” – Rob van Straten 

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