Skytree at Energy Fest

The Skytree team was happy to be present at the 2017 edition of Energy Fest. We made a good number of connections with potential corporate and academic partners! Here is a short description of the event:

EnergyFest revolves around the business opportunities opened up by the energy transition: the worldwide shift in the way energy is produced and used in response to growing demand, new technology, evolving social structures and climate change.

EnergyFest is one of the main partners of StartupFest Europe, a programme set up in 2016, aiming to help newly established entrepreneurial companies grow faster by organising a week-long series of events in the Netherlands around specific themes, bringing together company founders, venture capitalists, business leaders and corporate strategists.

EnergyFest is made possible by several corporate partners, consisting of venture-capital investors, start-up accelerators, business consultancies, cloud and IT software and innovative energy and automotive companies.

At EnergyFest, start-ups and scale-ups meet up with venture capitalists, corporate strategists and customers. Together, they explore how businesses might thrive in a world undergoing profound changes in the way energy is produced and used. The result is an exciting day of inventiveness, entrepreneurship and commercialisation. EnergyFest offers:

  • The best and brightest minds share their views on decentralised energy, business disruptors and the future of mobility on the EnergyFest Main Stage.
  • Start-ups who are ready to talk to potential investors and customers showcase their distinctive technologies in the EnergyFest Deployment Market.
  • The EnergyFest Crash courses offer attendees the latest insights on how to develop business ideas and how to come to grips with emerging technological trends such as Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence.

A high point of this year’s EnergyFest, will be the finals of the New Energy Challenge, a competition in which 10 start-ups pitch their game-changing solutions for the energy transition. The winner gets a €100,000 convertible loan and business advice from Shell Technology Ventures, while two other startups will receive a place in Rockstart or Yes!Delft accelerators respectively.

For more info see the Energy Fest website: