SkyStories: Meet Tilen Sešel, Visual Designer

Tilen Sesel, visual designer at SkytreeWhat brought you to Skytree’s doorstep?

I come from Slovenia, where I studied multimedia production. After my studies, I decided not to limit myself to the profession and lifestyle of a filmmaker and moved to the Netherlands. I had a variety of freelance projects, but eventually, I decided to look for a visual designer position in a green-tech company, and Skytree was a perfect match! Now it feels good to be here knowing that we are developing a sustainable technology that could contribute to solving climate change.

How does your usual day look like at Skytree?

I have my responsibilities and tasks, and until I am achieving my goals and moving forward with multiple overlaying projects, I have the flexibility to adjust my schedule as needed. We also have the option to work from home and have flexible working hours, which allows me to find my own working rhythm. Even with different work schedules, we respect each other’s boundaries and pursue a healthy work-life balance.

My main job here is to represent the values of Skytree through visual design. Apart from creative design, branding, and videography, I also get to help with other exciting projects like designing the interior for our new offices. However, working in this fast-paced startup environment is sometimes a trial-and-error process. I am not always sure whether I came up with the best possible idea, but in case I experience a creative block, I always ask for suggestions from other departments and use this interdisciplinary approach to do my best.

What is your favorite part of Skytree?

What I personally love about Skytree is that it is still by heart an engineering company. I admire the research and development, I enjoy working with the engineers, going to the labs and workshops, and watching people create actual technology. Being a graphic designer here, you fall somewhere in the middle between marketing and engineers, balancing the insights from engineers and the result-driven approach of marketing people. Designing at Skytree is about finding a common ground between these departments – I have to understand both positions in order to create something that works for everyone.

Do you have any traditions here at Skytree?

When I was applying, this was one of the first things I noticed – Skytree had YouTube clips about after-work activities that looked super fun. Now we have an appointed “Champagne Committee” that organizes exciting social activities on weekly basis. Additionally, there are borrel evenings, Skytree Day, and other weekly traditions that make us feel cherished.

Why does your work matter to you?

I am a perfectionist and I always try to outdo my previous projects, which is not always the healthiest thing, but it allows me to improve at a very fast pace. Secondly, I feel that it is important for a company to have a well-developed brand image that would match the product, values, and customer needs and at the same time would make you look different. I believe that every company should have a professional look that has a story behind it. And here I feel very appreciated because people notice my contribution.

Does Skytree support your personal growth?

At the moment I am doing a course for design thinking provided by the STAP-budget, and it teaches techniques to develop a more organized way of thinking by making adjustments to current strategies. The management team assists you in finding the perfect course for you and the company funds the courses for self-development, so I am using this opportunity as much as possible.

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