Re-brand: presenting the new Skytree name

Over the last few months we have been working on a new name and identity. Although we still feel Giaura is a good name, it was becoming more and more apparent that we needed a new one. Something that more reflected what we are all about and was more recognizable (and perhaps easier to spell).

With the help of both media agency Koeweiden Postma and naming agency Globrands we came up with a long list of potentials, after a number of intense sessions. Names like AirMine and even The Carboneers were briefly considered but pretty soon we all were on the same page about what our new name should be.


An important consideration for the new name was that we are in essence an ingredient brand (like Gore-Tex and Intel), that through licensing deals, we bring consumer products to market. We can do this in various segments as CO2 is used in a lot of different industries. This truly reflects us since we are currently pursuing products in markets like water treatment, aquaria, automotive, air purification, urban greenhouses and beverage carbonation. To name but a few.


Another consideration was that although we work with business partners (ie. B2B) we will eventually be consumer facing. Our technology will be inside many different applications and products, which improve the everyday life of people and on some level indeed, our planet. Therefore we need a name or more precisely a brand that people start to recognize, like and trust.


A final consideration was that our technology can be a little complicated to explain. Recently we have been using an analogy for our technology that people respond well to and that was the comparison with trees. Just like trees we capture CO2 out of the air and make good use of it.

The new brand name we came to is Skytree!

Besides the obvious it also represents the two sides of our company or rather technology. The ‘sky’ part we associate with its spacetech background and the ‘tree’ part with the cleantech side of it. The logo represents a CO2 molecule but with a little bit of imagination you could even see a cloud or a tree in it. The sky is the limit as they say.


In conclusion the new Skytree brand also feels like a logical next step in our company’s evolution, which has grown a lot in terms of team, technology and projects. Perhaps our new website can illustrate this even more. It’s going ‘live’ today and we hope you enjoy it.