Invest in our future

We’re delighted to welcome you to take a stake in our future by investing in our Leapfunder round that is currently open.

We have a target of raising €100.000 and are already halfway there. Lots of investors are interested, and the round is likely to close before the scheduled date. If you are interested, we’d encourage you to login into our Leapfunder investment page now and look around.

Why should you consider investing?

Skytree has a healthy looking future.  If you sign in to Leapfunder you’ll get information we can only share there about exciting current developments.

Examples of the significant traction we’ve already had are:

  • Two global car manufacturers have invested significant sums in the last 18 months to help develop our technology
  • Automotive filter supplier is co-developing a manufacturable design of the unit
  • Energy saving and air quality benefits promised by our technology have been validated by the highly respected simulation company AVL
  • Skytree has won multiple awards and grants in the last two years
  • Performance of an initial prototype has been validated through in-car tests

Finally, we are delighted to announce that by time the funding round is completed, our first batch of Skytree units will have been produced.

How will the funds be used?

The funds raised will be used to accelerate the technical development of the automotive product through the expansion of the team. The funds will also be used to expand Skytree’s patent portfolio.

Why is Skytree’s technology important?

Skytree’s first of a kind process removes CO2 and H2O from car cabins by harnessing life-support technology originally developed at the European Space Agency. By removing dangerous CO2 & humidity build-up, a Skytree air purifier enables the full recirculation of internal cabin air which in turn leads to a significant reduction in energy drawn by the vehicle air-conditioning system. The result is up to a 18% increase in electric vehicle range.

Who are we?

Skytree is a spin-off from the European Space Agency (ESA) and has its lab & office situated on the Amsterdam Science Park. We look forward to you joining us on our mission to develop technologies that could one day be used to reverse climate change!

For further information on the investment and projected returns on your investment, please login and read our Leapfunder page, as well as downloading the Investment Memorandum.

Feel free to contact myself directly for any further information on:

Max Beaumont, Skytree CEO