Skytree Selected for HortiHeroes Startup Program

As the world starts slowly waking up from its winter slumber and the year begins to gain momentum, Skytree has already been hard at work, moving closer to our goal of transitioning away from fossil fuel based CO2 in the vertical farming industry via the implementation of decentralized direct air capture units. And now, we are excited to announce a new partnership with the HortiHeroes startup program, which will propel us forward even faster.

This accelerator program is focused on the horticulture sector and on helping entrepreneurs with innovative ideas and solutions to grow and scale their businesses. 

“We think it’s fantastic that HortiHeroes supports innovative companies like Skytree to develop and get in touch with the right parties. We are very excited that we can now be part of the HortiHeroes community to accelerate the sustainable transition together,” said Rob van Straaten, CEO of Skytree, during his interview with Goedemorgen Groente.

Through the program, Skytree gains specific Access to:

– Knowledge and network within the Food & Flower Industry through HortiHeroes’ network of  innovation managers, entrepreneurs, (international) industry experts and knowledge institutions.

– The opportunity to build brand awareness through key national and international events, partner events and visibility in key national and trade publications 

– Gather specific insight and expertise on subject matters around organization, finance and legal

We hope that this partnership blossoms into a truly impactful market launch for Skytree, based on genuine connection between like-minded partners in the horticulture industry who are as passionate about innovative technologies and sustainability as Skytree is. Here’s to moving forward!