A hike through nature can be a revelation for mind and body. What if car cabin air could capture that same experience?

We introduce our product for Electric Vehicles: Ersa

Car cabin air is exhausting

Sitting into a car you are confronted with the feeling of stuffy, tiresome and old air. Long car journeys are dreaded. We change this with our newest product: Ersa. But why is car cabin air so poor?

Unreliable Filters

Less than 10% of pollution is removed by some air filters before it enters the car cabin

Trapped Fumes

There is 12 times more pollution inside a car than the air outside

CO2 Buildup

Passenger's breathing creates a buildup of CO2 in the cabin causing drowsiness

The Solution

Ersa is designed to be integrated into Electric Vehicles where it creates a pocket of fresh, clean air while improving energy efficiency.
Ersa enables these benefits:

Protects against






  • CO2

  • SOx

  • NOx

Increased efficiency*




HVAC power consumption




Car range efficiency

Meet Ersa

Our patented process employs a unique CO2 filter which scrubs CO2 and water in a car cabin. Preventing CO2 and water build-up allows vehicles to maximize the recirculation of cabin air. Effectively creating a clean air pocket, the process protects passengers from harmful outside pollutants while drastically cutting the energy needed by the air-conditioner.


Protecting passengers from pollutants and gases while enriching air quality for better journey experience


Ersa decreases humidity in cabin (defogging windows) and the better air keeps the driver alert and aware.


Overall car power efficiency is increased while extending the range on car journeys.

Have we piqued your interest?

Currently we are testing the Ersa's sorbent material in the automotive industry and are always happy to explore potential relationships. Download the specs or get in contact and start something special.

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Ersa Downloadable Specs 1.4

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*Based on Battery Electric Vehicle operation at -10°C / WLTC