Skytree is a spinoff of the European Space Agency. Our CO2 recapture process was originally developed to make longer space missions possible by extracting the CO2 exhaled by astronauts onboard spacecraft.

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Office Locations

Science Park 408
1098 XH Amsterdam
The Netherlands

Phone: +31(0)20 237 4980


444 Somerville Avenue
Somerville, MA 02143

Phone: +1 408-475-8158


Amsterdam Science Park is easily accessible by both car and public transport. Amsterdam Airport Schiphol is just thirty minutes by train.

Public transport

By train
Amsterdam Science Park has its own trainstation. To plan your journey efficiently, please go to the NS website (Dutch Railways).

By subway
Amsterdam Amstel, bus 40 or 240.

By Bus
Bus 40 from stations Amsterdam Muiderpoort and Amsterdam Amstel. Spitsbus 240 only from Amsterdam Amstel.

Public transport + bike
At the Amsterdam Amstel train station and also at the Amsterdam Muiderpoort train station it is perfectly possible to rent a bike (about 10 to 15 minutes to Amsterdam Science Park).

To plan your journey efficiently and for the latest travel information, please go to 9292OV.

Parking your car

On Amsterdam Science Park, please follow the signposts to find the right parking lots. Each company or institute has its own rules with regard to visitors. Visitors are advised to contact the institute or company with which they have their appointment.

Visitors map

A handy overview of all companies, institutions and organisations at the park. And all facilities for eating, drinking, parking and sports.