The carbon solution

There is too much CO2 in the air. Current levels are over 400 parts per million (ppm). Scientists say levels need to be reduced to at least 350 ppm to further mitigate the effects of the climate emergency. Skytree is a leading light in the Direct Air Capture (DAC) industry, which represents a technological solution to the climate emergency because it can directly remove CO2 from the air you breathe.

Benefits of CO2 removal

Reduce Greenhouse Gases

Removing CO2 from the air through techniques like Direct Air Capture will reduce greenhouse gases that are heating up the planet and are one of the main causes of our current Climate Emergency.

Economic Savings

Governments can mitigate the spend they make on solving issues like smog and poor air in cities. Respiratory issues can develop from poor air quality and reduce quality of life for residents and workers.

Saves Energy

Harvesting carbon from the air can be converted into sustainable fuels thus reducing the reliance on fossil fuel energy producers. The captured CO2 can also be used in greenhouses for the growth of foods.

Direct Air Capture

The process of Direct Air Capture removes CO2 from the air instead of directly from sources like cement factories, power plants and the  like. The carbon is removed when air comes in contact with our sorbent material (for example the Sorbent material in our Ersa product). The addition of heat to these chemicals creates a stream of CO2 that can be used for other functions.

What can captured Carbon be used for?

Metal Alternative


Plastic Alternative



Capturing the future

Our ultimate goal is to re-use excess CO2 on a large scale, thus contributing to closing the carbon loop.

What if we could convert CO2 into transportation fuel? The estimated economic benefit of closing the carbon loop amounts to billions of euros. More importantly, the benefits of such an achievement reach far beyond any economic profit.

Imagine the lasting impact this would have on our planet and climate change. Biosynthetic fuel truly embodies the triple bottom line principle: social, environmental and financial impact. Also known as the three pillars of sustainability: people, planet, and profit.

Our long-term goal is to bring our technology to the emerging biosynthetic fuel market. This ambition is in line with Skytree’s vision of creating a carbon-neutral economy for our planet.

Skytree follows a commercially driven philosophy where focus is placed on creating added value in existing small-scale consumer markets first, leading to industrial markets in the future.