A new website, new direction takes root


We here at Skytree HQ are very proud to announce the launch of Skytree’s brand new website. We have taken a deliberate and specialised route to launch a site that represents who we are and what we aim to achieve in the coming period. Alongside the website we have re-worked our brand identity to be reflected in all our other channels. We see it as bold, enticing and fun – not your typical engineering look and something we are excited to watch grow.

The website was designed and built in collaboration with branding & design agency Nephronim which is based in Amsterdam and run by Irish man Paul O’Connell (founder of Dutch Startup Jobs and the UPRISE Festival Europe). The process kicked off towards the end of last year and lasted a refreshingly short period of time or 4 months in total.

One of the key challenges we faced was how to best represent Skytree. While we have a clear beachhead market in Electric Vehicles, and are working towards a single product, in the past we’ve closed a number of large R&D contracts which significantly contributed to the company’s liquidity. And indeed we’re currently in the midst of one with our manufacturing partner Sogefi. Ultimately we decided that by bringing our product ‘The Stomata’ to be front and centre of the site and highlighting the global issues we tackle, we would be able to emphasize the power of ‘The Stomata’ product enough while not undermining the other services we’re able to provide.

We really look forward to seeing the full rollout of the brand identity and the evolution of the website showcasing Direct Air Capture and our role in driving visibility for Carbon Capture technology for the future of us all.